Yoga Classes in West Lothian

No, it's not a spelling mistake.  Holistic usually has one 'l'.  However, I am Ruth Hollis and so this is Hollistic.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, it's a work-in-progress...just like me.

Life is fast and chaotic nowadays.  Your life as a whole is affected by a range of different factors but at the centre is our wellbeing, how we feel about ourselves.  It can be a struggle to find the time and energy to invest in ourselves but when you feel better, everything else gets better too.  

Yoga has helped me in ways I never expected which inspired me to become a teacher.  You don't need to be flexible or super-fit.  All you need is your body and an open heart.

Feel better in your own skin.  It's the first step to tackling everything else...

You can book and pay for classes online - click here

I am a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. Please click the logo for more info.