Flip your perspective

Inversions in yoga are poses where you are upside down.  It's a good way to see the world differently.  This week my lovely yoga instructor gave me the opportunity to teach part of her class. I left my mat and took her spot at the front of the room.  I was nervous but I knew I had prepared carefully and everyone was so welcoming.  Strangely enough, the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was adjusting to that new perspective, being at the front with all eyes on me.  It was terrifying and wonderful and exciting all at the same time.  

I am so grateful to Jo for giving me the opportunity to teach a short lesson like that as an introduction.  I will start teaching at their beautiful studio the week commencing 10 September and this experience will make it less daunting!  For info and booking go to http://www.strengthandsoul.co.uk

Can you change how you look at something?  Have a go...you might see something you never noticed before....